Hamilton set for title, Ferrari need a win, Hulkenberg might need a drive – F1 returns

Lewis Hamilton celebrated his eighth win of the year in the Hungaroring prior to the summer break

Formula 1 is backwards. A breakneck streak of nine races 14 weeks, scattered all over the planet, begins at this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix and requires the period to its completion in Abu Dhabi on 1 December.

During this time there’s a whole lot to type out — a few scores to settle, recoveries merged and under-achievement to be redeemed, the line-up of following season’s grid to distil, the future of this game to be procured and, obviously, a championship to be obtained.

So what can people expect beginning at Spa this weekend?

When will Hamilton become winner?

This is a’when’, not an’if’, which Lewis Hamilton will acquire a sixth world title this season, assuming no unexpected circumstances like illness or injury. The 34-year old heads into the Belgian Grand Prix with a 62-point lead over Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas with just 234 still offered.

Mathematically, naturally, Bottas has a opportunity to overhaul Hamilton; realistically, he does not have a hope.

The Briton has won eight races this year, the Finn merely two. Hamilton won the previous race in Hungary using a dazzling comeback drive where group and celebrity driver were in excellent harmony to make arguably his greatest win of this year, while Bottas hasn’t won because Azerbaijan in April.

Hamilton has expanded his lead over Bottas by 31 points at the previous 3 races, and at the previous two Bottas was unsatisfactory, popping out in Germany if he had an opportunity to compose a major chunk of things on Hamilton, who had his worst race for decades, and ruining his race when he battled with Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc about the first lap in Hungary.

Bottas was set for a podium finish at Hockenheim prior to the Finn crashed out

As a consequence, Bottas is in a lot more danger of losing second place to Red Bull’s Max Verstappen — who’s just seven points behind following an excellent run of 2 wins, along with another place in the previous four races — compared to Hamilton is under threat from Bottas.

When will Hamilton tie this up? If he is able to create 42 points on Bottas at the following five races in Belgium, Italy, Singapore, Russia and Japan — in 8.4 points normally a race, that appears eminently doable — he’ll probably be 104 clear following the Japanese Grand Prix, which would take action.

Failing this, it is difficult to understand how Hamilton will not be 78 points evident following the subsequent race in Mexico.

Could Ferrari eventually get a win?

Sebastian Vettel dominated the 2018 Belgian GP to succeed at Spa for the next time

This year was a grave disappointment for Ferrari, who expected to struggle for the name but happen to be steamrollered by Mercedes and haven’t won a race.

It could be surprising in some ways in the event the group finished the year with no success, but with just nine opportunities staying, an unconvincing performance up to now, and Red Bull quite much on a roster, it’s a significant chance.

Blessed for Ferrari, afterward, the following two races show them with arguably their greatest opportunities to acquire for the remainder of the season.

The Italian and Belgian Grands Prix are a week apart and the two are on timeless, high-speed circuits at which straight-line speed is important to overall functionality. They’re, in F1 vernacular, power-sensitive — and Ferrari’s engine gets the most power and the automobile the most effective straight-line rate on the grid.

Ferrari begin both Spa and Monza weekends as favorites, as well as the races pose a golden chance for Sebastian Vettel and Leclerc to eventually notch up that long-awaited first win of this year — and at Leclerc’s instance, of his livelihood.

In case Ferrari can eventually grasp a chance — instead of let it slip through their hands, because they’ve done in each and every instance one has presented itself this season — that driver is it?

Leclerc conquer both Hamilton and team-mate Vettel to shoot his maiden pole position in Bahrain

Vettel is forward in the tournament, but Leclerc has in many ways been impressive.

The 21-year old could have won at Bahrain in April had his motor never gone sour at the final laps. He must have won Baku had he never crashed in qualifying when searching a certainty for rod. He led all but the last two laps at Austria prior to being handed by Verstappen. And he’s out-qualified Vettel to the previous five races.

However, Leclerc remains inexperienced and raw, and you will find flaws in his sport. He makes a lot of errors and, using a more aggressive driving style compared to Vettel, he’s not entirely got together with handling the Pirelli tyres.